What is an Air Fryer and how does it Work?

Not too many crypto affiliate review people have heard about an air fryer. But in recent Top Introducing Broker programs years, there’s been a lot of hype building around this kitchen appliance.

But why is this highest paying affiliate programs the case?

Well, it’s mainly due to the fact that this appliance will allow you to cook fried food without using any oil. It functions through a mechanical fan that is supposed to circulate eToro affiliate extremely hot air all around the food items at extremely high speeds. As a consequence of this, the food will have the crispy layer that we normally notice on deep friend food.

This means that we can actually enjoy Pocket Option affiliate French fries and fried chicken or fish without feeling guilty over the number of calories we’re about to take in. Due to the fact that hot air uses to fry the food, we don’t need oil to do this job. As a result of this, we can expect the total number of calories to fall significantly. This would be particularly beneficial for you and your family who would like to eat healthily but are finding it impossible to pass on their favorite snacks!

If you're not quite sure how an air fryer works but want healthy meals, then read this post.

On initial observation, an oil less fryer looks like any other kitchen appliance. However, when you use it you’ll realize that it cannot be any more different to the standard appliances. As a matter of fact, this machine utilizes the latest technology, which we wouldn’t have seen 10 years ago! Part of the development of this technology is due to the increased awareness of healthy eating and a healthy lifestyle.

Despite this, it’s worth noting that the device will require a little bit of oil. A lot of brands have stated that you’ll be okay with using up to 80% less oil than you would in a traditional deep fryer. However, if you can afford it, you can get a model that doesn’t use any oil at all.

What to Look for in an Air Fryer?

When buying such a machine, it’s best to look for features that’ll ensure that your food is cooked efficiently. For example, most models will allow you to change the temperature and most will also have a timer built into the machine. These two features will allow you to fry food quite efficiently.

The size is a major factor that we need to take account of before buying any kitchen appliance and it’s certainly essential with this type of fryer. If you’ve got a reasonably big family then it would be highly advisable to buy a model that has a large capacity. You need to make sure that you don’t end up with a model that will only fry 4 chicken drumsticks.

Another essential factor is the use of oil in the machine. Most air fryers reduce the oil by up to 80%. However, some models like the Philips HD9220/20 don’t require any oil whatsoever. The only issue is that this particular machine is quite expensive so you need to decide whether you’re willing to spend a bit more for an oil free model!

As you can probably guess, the next big question is regarding the price. This is probably the most important factor and setting a fixed budget will ensure that you don’t become a victim of impulse buying at any point.

An air fryer will be highly beneficial for every household that makes fast food regularly. However, you need to ask yourself whether it’ll be a suitable alternative for your normal deep dryer. This means that you need to evaluate whether the entire family is willing to make lifestyle changes and eat healthily. Ultimately, you don’t want to find out after a few months that you have no use for the machine and you end up pushing it into a corner!

10 Best Earbuds Under 100 Dollars

When looking for the best earbuds under $100, you’re bound to experience some problems. This is because in-ear headphones are a tricky affair in general. Before, we move on with our top 10 products, it might be worth reading about some of these good earbuds under 100 dollars.

Here is our list of the 10 Best Earbuds Under $100

At this stage, you might be wondering why earbuds are so tricky to deal with. However, these reasons are well known amongst those that have some experience with using these accessories. The main problem we experience involves the durability as earbuds can often much earlier than you would expect when buying them. There really is an element of unpredictability with these products. Along with this, we also commonly experience fitting problem as earbuds can fall out without much movement.

The main aim of this article is to provide 10 of the best quality in-ear headphones when it comes to the sound, fitting, comfort and durability. These are:

Shure SE112m+ is easily the top pair of earbuds costing less than 100 bucks. It has awesome sound quality and is very durable as you would expect from such a top brand like Shure. The set is also very comfortable to use for a long time and also holds some convenient features like the in-line volume control and microphone.

Klipsch R6i is another extremely high quality set. This has a design that works perfectly to provide superb comfort. Like the Shures, it also has a microphone feature which functions quite well. The noise cancellation feature provided by the R6i is probably the best feature.

Bose IE2 is one of the cheapest sets made from this famous manufacturer. However, this doesn’t mean there will be a lack of quality. In fact, the IE2s are one of the best earbuds under 100 bucks and far surpass most models within this price range. They use Bose’s famed StayHear tips, which make them very comfortable to wear. The fitting will also be amazing if you end up getting the IE2s.

Sennheiser CX 380 is far from being the best quality pair of earbuds on this top 10 list. However, at less than 40 bucks, you can expect to get a good quality product that will fit well and sound good. On top of this, the CX 380 is perfect to use during sports and provides perfect fitting.


Audio Technica ATH-CKS55BK is quite a new set of in-ear headphones. One of the best features it holds is the awesome bass due to the incorporation some big drivers. This makes it a superb product in Audio Technica’s super bass series of earbuds.

The top 5 products which have been mentioned above perform superbly if you take the relatively low price into account. If none of these products seem suitable for you then all is not lost. This is because there are plenty more products to choose from.

If bass is your favorite part of the music then the Skullcandy FMJ or Full Metal Jackets are very powerful indeed. The Astro A*Star headset is another quality set which would be the top choice if you are looking to use this for gaming. As you may already know, Astro already has a huge line of highly praised gaming headphones.

If you still haven’t found the best earbuds under $100 for your needs then it would also be worth taking a look at the Monster Cable Lil’ Jamz, Klipsch Image S4s and Thinksound TS02s. If you would prefer something a bit cheaper, why not take a look at the HiFiman RE400s?

Looking at Polk Nue Voe: The New Stylish Earbuds

The Polk Nue Voe earbuds are very stylish and are perfect for those who want to look good while listening to their music.If you’re familiar with the name of Polk, you must’ve heard about the Polk Nue Voe in-ear headphones. This is because this pair has earned lots of positive reviews ever since it was released. While the earphones look more suitable for ladies, the overall design looks absolutely amazing. I would even go as far as saying that the Polk Nue Voe is the best looking pair of earbuds around at the moment. Even though they would be better suited for women, most flashy guys will easily pull off a stylish look while wearing these. The good thing is that you also have the chance to get a black colored model which will be preferred by most people who don’t like to gain any attention.

Even though the design is probably the most eye-catching feature, the Polk Nue Voe earbud headphones also perform well in most departments. We will receive a good variety of ear tips which will be suitable for most people as they would be able to get a good fitting. You will also have the opportunity to try different tip materials like memory foam and silicone but be aware that this may have an impact on the blockage of external noise.

These earbuds are iOS-friendly and have the ability to work well most Apple products. While testing these out with the iPhone, the sound does sound amazing. In general, the volumes do differ between different phones. The sound is quite rich with a deep bass. In my opinion, this product excels is areas where even some premium earbuds fail. At the end though, it’s your decision whether you get these or not.

I would personally recommend taking a look at my list of the best earbuds under $100 to get a better idea.

RHA T10 In-Ear Headphones Review

RHA or Reid Heath Audio is a well known British manufacturer of headphones. Just recently they have released the T10i which is a pair of their flagship earbuds. There is something different about this product when put up against some other major competitors. This involves a tuning feature which makes it perfect for pretty much everyone. Using this tuning filter, you will be able to switch the focus from the standard sound signature to highs or lows.

The T10i has been so successful that it has earned the company quite a few awards. This set incorporated superb noise isolation and an in-line mic. However, RHA have now created the T10, which is a cheaper version of the T10i and doesn’t utilize any in-line controls.

When looking at the T10 in detail, I found this to be a very comfortable pair of earbuds that provides a perfect seal to contribute to excellent sound isolation. The comfort is probably one of the really impressive aspects of this product as this is certainly one of the best if you take the sub-200 dollar price into account. There are also various sizes of tips included which adds to the comfort.

When it comes to the sound quality, the T10s perform very similarly to the more illustrious T10is that won huge amount of praise from critics. Add to this the fact that most competing products which incorporate the tuning filter are a lot more expensive, the T10 earbuds might be perfect for you. These also have a terrific design and come with a quality metal case.

Debuting DualCoil Technology in the T20 Earbuds

The new RHA T20 earbuds have dual coil technology to improve sound quality.We have already talked about how impressive the RHA T10s were. However, now we have the chance to take a look at the higher T20 version which has significant differences in quality. In fact, when the T20s were being announced by RHA, they were to incorporate the latest technology which would enhance their performance.

We all know how manufacturers have been trying their best to work on the technology advancements to make their products better and better. For the T20s, RHA will be using the DualCoil technology for the very first time. RHA have said that this technology will help to reproduce music with far better detail, clarity and accuracy and that this will far surpass any other standard earphones available these days.

We can be forgiven for questioning the use of this technology as oftentimes, companies just say they will use something but we often see little difference in the overall quality. However, you can see the incorporation of DualCoil technology clearly in the design of the earbuds. There are separate coils located on both of the buds so you know there is something different when compared to traditional earphone sets.

Considering the fact that the T20s have been announced, it is difficult to assess the impact of this DualCoil technology. However, this is something we are looking forward to. The one important question is whether this advancement in technology will push this set to achieve greater praise over some of RHA’s award winning models such as the T10i and T10 earbuds.

We look forward to answering this question soon.

Basic Earbuds or Expensive In-Ear Headphones?

We have all used the most basic earbuds in the past. These are mainly the same ones that are included with our smartphones. When it comes to this style of headphones, these smartphone earbuds are most commonly used. A lot of people spend money on buying a good pair of headphones but we rarely see them fork out a bit for earbuds. In my opinion, that’s a shame because the basic earbuds are completely lacking in any kind of noise isolation. This is the main area they fail at. On top of this, they don’t particularly sound great, the fitting is more to do with one size fits all while they also have pretty poor build quality.

There is also a big difference between the overall shapes of these products. Most basic products are earbuds that won’t go past your outer ear. In comparison, good quality in-ear headphones will actually fit into your ear canals. This is the characteristic that creates the noise isolation feature. In addition to this, in-ear headphones also possess other advantages over your average earbuds. One notable part where these excel is the bass, which is much deeper than you would experience

Take the HiFiman RE400s as an example. While these are quite expensive, they have perfectly accurate sound fit for an audiophile. The comfort, build quality and pretty much every other feature is impressive. The best thing is the noise isolation, which can even be compared to some over-ear headphones. At this moment, you might be thinking that the RE400s will cost a lot of money. However, when compared to basic Apple Earpods, these are far better quality. In terms of the pricing, the 79 bucks you will spend on the HiFimans provide much better value when compared to the overpriced status of the Apple Earpods, which can cost up to 40 dollars.