Looking at Polk Nue Voe: The New Stylish Earbuds

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The Polk Nue Voe earbuds are very stylish and are perfect for those who want to look good while listening to their music.If you’re familiar with the name of Polk, you must’ve heard about the Polk Nue Voe in-ear headphones. This is because this pair has earned lots of positive reviews ever since it was released. While the earphones look more suitable for ladies, the overall design looks absolutely amazing. I would even go as far as saying that the Polk Nue Voe is the best looking pair of earbuds around at the moment. Even though they would be better suited for women, most flashy guys will easily pull off a stylish look while wearing these. The good thing is that you also have the chance to get a black colored model which will be preferred by most people who don’t like to gain any attention.

Even though the design is probably the most eye-catching feature, the Polk Nue Voe earbud headphones also perform well in most departments. We will receive a good variety of ear tips which will be suitable for most people as they would be able to get a good fitting. You will also have the opportunity to try different tip materials like memory foam and silicone but be aware that this may have an impact on the blockage of external noise.

These earbuds are iOS-friendly and have the ability to work well most Apple products. While testing these out with the iPhone, the sound does sound amazing. In general, the volumes do differ between different phones. The sound is quite rich with a deep bass. In my opinion, this product excels is areas where even some premium earbuds fail. At the end though, it’s your decision whether you get these or not.

I would personally recommend taking a look at my list of the best earbuds under $100 to get a better idea.

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